The Benefits of Osteopathy & Prescription Orthotics

Many orthotics are cast without having the patient’s foot and subsequent biomechanics correctly adjusted before the orthotic is cast. This very often leads to incorrectly fitted orthotics and often cause more problems than they were intended to solve.

The combination of having an osteopathic assessment and treatment before the orthotics are cast enables a more accurate and cost effective orthotic fitting.

Breckland Osteopaths work with GaitworX who are a specialist orthotics provider company working alongside medical practitioners in the UK. GaitworX manufacture technically advanced custom made orthotic devices using revolutionary laser scanning technology.

The combination of clinical knowledge, experience and state of the art manufacturing techniques produce quality custom corrective orthotics used in the treatment and prevention of numerous foot problems and associated ailments that can affect the foot, ankle, knee, hip and the lower back.

The Benefits Of Prescription Orthotics

Improve posture and balance
Improve alignment of the foot & ankle
Improve alignment of the knee & hip
Enhance sports performance
Relieve lower limb & lower back stress
Reduce pain
Reduce fatigue
Support the arch of the foot
Improve mobility
Provide cushioning for athletes,
Those working on their feet
....& the elderly

Self-Check Your Need For Prescription Orthotics

I have pain in my ankles, knees, hips or back when standing, walking or running.

I have fallen arches, bunions, corns or hammertoes.

I’m an athlete and exercise regularly with a great deal of foot pain.

I’m bow-legged or knock-kneed.

My feet don’t point straight when I walk, they point outwards or inwards.

The soles of my shoes wear out unevenly.

What Type Of Prescription Orthotics Do We Offer?

Prescription orthotics are constructed from various materials and generally fall into two categories:

  1. Rigid orthotics primarily change or alter foot function
  2. Semi rigid orthotics combine functional control and protection e.g. improved golf swing & extra shock absorption


  • designed to control your foot function and motion in two major joints that lie directly below the ankle

  • The rigid orthotic is commonly made from carbon fibre, or polypropylene

  • It is designed to your individual prescription ascertained from a biomechanical & musculoskeletal assessment and 3D Digital Laser scan of your feet


  • facilitates dynamic balancing of your foot whilst participating in sport or activity

  • Every activity or sport places its own demands on the body, therefore every prescription orthotic is prescribed and designed with your activity and sport in mind

  • helps guide the foot through its proper functions, allowing the muscles, tendons and ligaments to perform more efficiently

Activity, Sport & Condition Specific Prescription Orthotics


Breckland Osteopaths and GaitworX offer you an endless range of sport, activity and condition specific orthotics.

Ask us how we can prescribe the ideal prescription orthotic to get you back on track.

Marathon running
Hill walking
Heel pain
Functional Hallux Limitus
Achilles tendonitis
Patellofemoral syndrome
Illiotibial band dysfunction

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is included in the assessment and how much does it cost?

A: You will be given a full biomechanical assessment with a fully trained member of staff. During the assessment they will examine the alignment of your feet, knees and hips and explain in detail any biomechanical imbalance that is occurring, discuss any conditions or pain this could be causing you and the options available to alleviate your discomfort.

Q: How much are the orthotics?

A: Our orthotics are individually custom made for your exact requirements. They approximately cost around £200  depending on complexity and materials. Until we see your feet we will not be able to give an accurate price.

Q: How long does it take for orthotics to work?

A: This can vary from patient to patient. Some will feel immediate relief while others can take time to adapt. Each case is very individual, but we are only a telephone call away to talk through your personal case. If at any time you are concerned or just want reassurance, our staff will be more than happy to see you for an aftercare appointment.

Q: How many times will I need to come and see you?

A: Usually only once. We can assess you and take your scans on the same day if you wish. However, if you prefer to think it over and come back for a separate appointment then you are also welcome to do so. Once you receive the orthotics, you may wish to arrange a follow up appointment after a few months to see how you are getting on or talk over any concerns.

Q: What can I do if orthotics are not suitable for my condition?

A: If your condition cannot be helped with orthotics  we can direct you to a clinic or hospital that will be able to assist you.